The Donor by Helen Fitzgerald (Book Review)

30/07/2011 § 4 Comments

Will is a loser; his writing career was a non-starter and his wife left him. But this story isn’t about these things; it’s about the advancing kidney disease of both of the twin daughters his wife left him with, and Will’s efforts to save them. Fitzgerald creates a small unit of exquisitely flawed characters who, despite their disparities, are impossible to not empathise with. At times outright hilarious, this book entertains and enthrals the reader whilst focusing intensely on the disquietingly identifiable people within it. You will certainly end up rooting, along with Will, for a seemingly impossible happy ending.

Eleven by Mark Watson Review

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*As featured in Stylist Magazine*

Xavier is a radio DJ who triggers a chain of consequences that reach out across the city as invisibly yet decisively as the radio waves he broadcasts. As events build momentum Watson settles into a narrative that is at once droll and devastating, littered with insightful analogies. Having been aligned with David Nicholls’ One Day, Eleven had a lot to live up to. But it’s true that those who enjoyed the former should engage with the latter. Despite providing less suppress-a-giggle-on-the-tube comedy, Watson finds his strength within a multitude of relatable characters and thought provoking circumstances.

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