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Fancy taking a look at my reviews in print? Click the link and check out p8 and p61.

They include Eleven, Mr Fox, Medium Raw and the new Thomas Tantrum album.

Mr Fox by Helen Oyeyemi Review

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*As featured in Stylist Magazine*

Mr Fox is cheating on his wife, with his imaginary friend. Mr Fox is also a serial killer; his heroines never make it out of a story alive. Oyeyemi punctuates the narrative with her protagonist’s own gruesome fairy tales to great effect; blurring the line between what you suppose is fact and hope to be fiction. Don’t be fooled by the inadequate blurb and misleading cover art, Oyeyemi has a sharp wit and isn’t afraid to use it. Mr Fox is a black comedy that draws you into a hilariously horrifying world, where your imagination can literally run away with you.

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